HR Rule 20 of 31 Don’t & Do



Don’t take it personally. Do take it professionally.

Don’t & Do is better that Do & Don’t. Why? The last thing said is the final thing remembered. Why leave the conversation with a negative thought. That is depressing and unmotivational and leads to avoidance behavior. The positive thought is inspirational & reinforces desired behavior.

This one can be challenging as some of the existential self is defined by your occupational career. Especially when it is done with humble silent pride. Unless of course you only have a job when any adequate employment may suffice.

The balance is between thin & thick skin. IF your skin is too thin, then everything may become personal. Thus, any critique of conduct is rejectetd. When this rejection occurs, professional growth stagnates. At the other end, thick skin may create the callous of cynicism – where one doesn’t care at all what anyone else thinks.

The best starting point is the don’t take it personally. Be a professional and explore the issue to understand. As understanding is shared, problem solving occurs and positive resolution options can be explored.

The best questions to ask are future focused What & How? Asking for advice is always good to.

Then you can share personal & professional pride by remaining on the High Road.


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