HR Rule 21 of 31 – Get it in writing


The person with the most documentation wins. Documents supports facts and trumps anecdotally flawed memory recall.

The day is spent either writing, thinking about writing or searching for what has been written. Permanent writing requires several iteration. First draft. First Typing. First Revision. Rinse. Repeat. At some point in time, it gets released to the world that will not read it, but will be held accountable for the contents anyways.

RANT WARNING: “Nobody told me. I didn’t get a copy. ” All the excuses to defer, deflect, deny. With the unwritten subtext is that someone else didn’t do their job.”

File it away forever, or until no longer needed. The files get bloated, existing beyond the statute of reasonable limitations. Someday, one day, most likely never. But, when you have a sustainable system that transcends the test of time, you will look reliable credible.

Then there is your computer hard drive, the network shared drive and now the cloud with which your cyber data.


One thought on “HR Rule 21 of 31 – Get it in writing

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