Here we go again! Time for the pack out. Time for round three.

There are six battery chargers in use right now.  Cameras, camcorders, iDevices and lighting devices.  Basically, the precharging to get ready to go  to the retreat for recharging.  Hope all these gizmos function well.

SHRNE is a great event.  It feels good to have a role to play. Beyond the role is the networking while notworking, collecting ideas and images, being a social media enthusiast  across the platforms of Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube. (I really need to get HootSuite running.) But most of all, HR is Human Resources and we are all one as individuals and in the collective community.

So really, Social Media channels are where we will share the experience with the greater HR community.  Those who are present in spirit, not in form. Remember to turn to the person sitting to your left, then right, introduce yourself, introduce each other,  make new contacts, new friends,  broaden the shared experience.

Finally, remember, this is a retreat for renewal and reflection.  Take time for that as well.






Thank You!

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