SHRNE14 After Action Review


We are home now, but we’ve only just begun. Don’t let those great ideas for a better future fade away, swept under the rug of lesser expectations. The purpose of this blog is to remind you or to introduce you, to the concepts and contexts presented.

But first, kudos to Bud & his awesome team, and the wonderful Strategic HR New England team & the staff at the Omni Mt Washington Resort Hotel for a flawless experience. Mother Nature deserves a special shoutout for her display of the Presidential Range, lenticular clouds and the magnificence that is Mt Washington. How many different pictures did you take of the ever moving stationary scenery?

So know, it’s time to begin again. This post will cover the Keynoters: a takeaway tag thought; their books, works, writings and online presence; and links to their YouTube interviews.


A BIGGER PRIZE with Margaret Heffernan from London, England. Her YouTube interview. Take away thought;

“Pressing problems are solved by the collective submission of solutions.”

Read her book, A Bigger Prize.


THE RESPONSIVE ORGANIZATION with Aaron Dignan from New Your City. His YouTube interview; and takeaway thought.

Move from planning to embracing uncertainty.


HACKING HR with Jason Lauritsen  of Talent Anarchy from Omaha, Nebraska. His YouTube interview and takeaway thought;

HR needs to think its thinking away from its Solutionitis Giganticus attachment to expensive complexity to Hacking HR where one small change inspires the next.

Read his book, Social Gravity.

THE SHE.ECONOMY with Jackie Freiberg from San Diego, California. Her YouTube interview and takeaway thought;

HeForShe is all about freedom.

The Frieberg’s new book is Do Something Now!

(A quick read -That You Should Read – that will last.)

GREAT WORK with David Sturt of O.C. Tanner in Salt Lake City, Utah. He spoke on getting from Good Work & getting to Great Work. His YouTube interview and takeaway thought;

Great work has a shelf live, it drifts down to expectations.

He gave away his book, A Bigger Prize, to all in attendance


ENTREPRENEURIAL HR with Miki Agrawal from New York City. Her YouTube interview and takeaway thought;

GTS cures IDK

Her book is Do Cool Sh*t.

Hopefully, this will remind you and inspire you do take these messages to heart, hand & head and add value to your daily grind.  My three favorites are HackHR, The Responsive Organization & Great Work.

What were your favorites and why?

Did you have a Wicked Good HR time?


Thank You!

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