An Unknown Veteran


This picture was taken at Burr Cemetery in Freeport, Maine during an early November snow storm. I went back again yesterday to get the name & war of the veteran. The intent was to do a bit of quick research on the name, war, perhaps identify the veteran’s unit and make that this years Veterans Day posting.

Only, I found this….No Gravestone.


The service marker is for the War of 1812. Quest on, who is buried here?

According to Find A, there are 1,966 interments at Burr Cemetery. Thats kind of a long list, no much hope or help here, but could become an eventual resource.

A better clue was found through the Maine State Archives site, a map of the cemetery with plot numbers – WPA 74. And it has a legend for Veteran grave sites labeled by War. T is for the War of 1812.


Section D-31 looks promising.

Maine Genealogy dot net is very promising! They have a searchable database of 1,893 War of 1812 Veterans. Searching for Freeport as Place of Birth yielded six results. These can be cross referenced to the Burr Cemetery records. And none of the six are cross referenced.

Stay tuned- this quest goes on.


Thank You!

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