HR Rule 29 of 31


29. The answer that I have today will be better tomorrow.

“Here is my initial response, what do you think?”

“You’ve given me a lot to think about, can I get back to you tomorrow?”

Unless the issue is a simple transaction that has been asked before, may be asked again, and the answer generally remains unchanged no matter how many different ways it may be asked.

One way to improve your answers is to SBAR the issue at hand. This has probably been blogged before. One one page, place the following headings.

SITUATION: single descriptive sentence
BACKGROUND: what led up to this moment
ANALYSIS: what does this moment mean
RECOMMENDATIONS: if options are to be presented. Sometimes I use RESULTS when the background & analysis lead to a singular conclusion.



2 thoughts on “HR Rule 29 of 31

  1. This is great advice. I know of so many leaders who are quick to make the fastest decision possible. These knee jerk decisions are not always well thought out, and may not be the best choices. If a leader feels the need to have an immediate answer your suggestion is thoughtful, concise, and allows for a day or two of reflection prior to making the decision. Even if the same decision is made (the knee jerk) at least there will be the perception that some consideration and thought went into the response!

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