HR Rule 30 of 31


Writing in advance of doing clarifies what needs to be done.

We all have ToDo lists that usually end up looking like RoundTuit lists. Then we just leap into the next item on the lists, possibly overlapping one task with several other concurrent tasks without taking the time to think about what really needs to be done.

After all, we are ‘smart’ enough to know what needs to be done. Its been done before and will most likely be done again.

Stop for a moment and write down the action verbs of what is being done & why? Does each action verb lead to the next while adding value? Anything that has always been done that way needs to be occasionally looked at from another perspective.

This also useful before making and/or returning phone calls. What really needs to be said out loud? Who is going to be doing what & when will it be done? Focus on confirming understanding about the desired outcomes.

Take a moment to think while writing through until the really right thing to do is revealed.


2 thoughts on “HR Rule 30 of 31

  1. I agree that writing things down helps getting it accomplished. I find that I have my online calendar with me almost always (if I’m not at my desk I almost always have my phone with me)! So, I write down my “to do” list on my daily calendar. I may have things marked as “free” as far as appointments go, but I get pop-up or email reminders and I don’t have to maintain a separate list. I know others who keep their list on evernote, but for me putting it all on my calendar works.

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