Bring it 2015


Time is the great equalizer. Some of us may have more assets and skills than others, but everyone gets 24 hours per day. The sage is efficient doing less than others and accomplishing more. – Lao Fzu

This is the time of year to make resolutions. Resolutions are promises to ourselves that will be promptly broken.

I do hereby resolve not to make any broken promises.

Instead, I am setting these goals for 2015.

1. Read more.
2. Complement last years weight loss success with more exercise.
3. Hone my photography skills through entering contests.
4. Master the basics.
5. Develop, then hone execution skills to complement my strategic thinking talents.
6. Strengthen personal financial managment.
7. Write to think things through.

Its time to get started. Bring it 2015! It is going to be a Wicked Good Year.


Thank You!

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