Blogging University


My blogging/writing time for last week & now this week has been consumed by attending an online course hosted by WordPress. This course is titled Blogging 101 from Sero to Zero. All course work is being posted on my Maine Forest Cafe blog. Stop on by and take a look at the new format. It’s easier to read, crisper, and will continue to be enhanced towards stability.

These are the ten assignment.
One: Introductions
Two: Titles and Tagline
Three: Following Topics and Blogs
Four: Focusing on Your Audience
Five: Exploring Themes

Six: Perfecting the “About” Page
Seven: Theme Customizing
Eight: Commenting
Nine: Engaged Posting
Ten: Widgets

Once the course is completed, by this weekend, time will be sent going through the same assignments on this blog. There are better ways to get things done. Completion of this course is part of my 2015 Mastery theme. The course set a good foundation, but there is more beyond the basics to tinker with.

I have ideas, that I’m still ruminating through.

Stay Tuned!


2 thoughts on “Blogging University

    • Sandra, it has been an interesting week and a half so far. In one way, it took giving myself permission to try something new & I like what I found. Wicked Good HR is going to go through a brief redesign as well.


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