The Number One Social Program is a Job

Greater Portland CareerCenter

Opens its Doors on January 26

This has been said often and it is true – the number one social program is employment.  Governor LePage, along with Labor Commissioner Paquette are committed to getting good people good jobs.


“This building consolidates these agencies under one roof and provides Mainers with easily accessible resources and services to help them succeed,” said Governor LePage. “Our Administration looks forward to serving Mainers at this new location and continuing to offer the training and assistance they need to successfully transition them from welfare to a career they enjoy.”


“Our new location will make it easier for us to connect with more people in Cumberland County and vice versa,” said Commissioner of Labor Jeanne S. Paquette. “Being right there, with DHHS, we’re able to better serve the people of Greater Portland who are looking to get a job, who need training and who may not have previously been exposed to the services we provide. By offering the CareerCenter’s employment and vocational rehabilitation services down the hall from DHHS, we’re facilitating that warm hand-off while avoiding the delay and confusion of sending them to another facility at a later date.”

There is plenty of parking (especially when compared to the side of the hill parking lot at the old CareerCenter).


And there is a bus stop right out front.


I don’t really have much to add other than to share a sense of pride in seeing this initiative, this co-location partnership come to fruition.


Thank You!

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