Where Am I?



There is a huge blizzard blowing through the northeast right now.  It is probably going to become a named storm, maybe it already is. I will be working from home today.  The duty day begins at 0700 and lasts until 1600 unless pre-empted by power & internet outages.  The home work is downstairs, appropriately in a SHRM Tote Bag [secret HR humor].

The weather outside is frightful. For current conditions, click here for a link to Thor’s Hill ~ my personal internet reporting weather station. The only vital statistic not electronically measured and reported is snow depth.

A Blizzard Warning means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Falling and blowing snow with strong winds and poor visibilities are likely. This will lead to whiteout conditions…making travel extremely dangerous. Do not travel. If you must travel…have a winter survival kit with you. If you get stranded…stay with your vehicle.

What’s up with the iPhone compass screen shot up there?  In storm’s like these, people ignore the warnings GASP & travel anyways. Then they may slide off the road and disappear from sight.  (white cars are already invisible in snow storms).  Most likely, they have only a general idea of where they are when the call for help/rescue.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Instead, go to your iPhone/Utilities/Compass.  Calibrate the compass by rolling the red ball around the screen. This takes only a moment.  At the bottom of the screen is your latitude & longitude.  Text that to all of your family & friends. Now the rescue folks will have a clue as to where you may be. Most GPSs have a feature where you can use latitude and longitude to set the destination.

Or here is an even better idea. Do Not Travel.


Thank You!

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