Five For Today

IMG_8724There are way more than one thousand words in this picture. My house is currently shrouded with curtains of deadly icicles.  The snow accumulations represent endless storms with multiple snow-blowing events.  One was intense enough for a first event – I stayed home for the two foot blizzard. And its snowing again right now. This event will be a lingering two-day snow shower.  But I have started with a digression, and it is now time to return toward blogging.  I’ve read some neat stuff this week and the content & context are worth sharing.


This first one is by Gen Y Girl Kayla Cruz. The HR blogosphere smothers us with redundant messages along the themes of Millennials and Employee Engagement.  And that’s okay because it sure beats talking about being smothered by the ACA and other escalating employee mandates.  Kayla’s blog posting 5 Reasons Why This Twenty-Something LOVES Her New Job is beyond spot on and more than worth the few value-added  moments  of your precious time.

People warned me. People told me the job would be terrible. People asked me if it was really something that I wanted to do. And although I didn’t know much, I knew that it was an exciting opportunity and that I needed a new challenge.

 Leadership in Literature by Diane Coutu. Are you well read or do you read well.  The difference may be in the variety of what is being read.  Diane tells the story of MBAs reading assignments that go beyond the bottom line and reach into the bottom of the soul.

The Secret Sharer” by Joseph Conrad is a good example of a work of literature that really resonates with executives.”

 Imagine a leadership literature book opening with this line:

In my right hand there were lines of fishing stakes resembling a mysterious system of half-submerged bamboo fences, incomprehensible in its division of the domain of tropical fishes, and crazy of aspect as if abandoned forever by some nomad tribe of fishermen now gone to the other end of the ocean; for there was no sign of human habitation as far as the eye could reach. 

Always take frequent opportunities to read outside of your typical genre.  Or is your bookshelf like mine, crowded with copies from HR conventions – still waiting to be read?

Leadership development is important and is less effective when not pursued with planned intention.  My good friend, Sandra Abbey is introducing a new service  on her LeaderDiscovery blog called Achieve Blueprint to Success.  Read more about in on her blog posting, “Can a Blueprint Guide Achievement?”   I say yes it can.

Before starting a large construction project, or even a remodel, a blueprint is required.  The blueprint is a plan with enough detail to guide every step of the project and ensure construction is achieved as planned.

Over on TED Talks, Phillip Cimbardo talks to The Psychology of Evil that lies within all of us. It’s kind of chilling and make your spine either shiver or tingle.  Go with the shiver.

Spoiler Alert

So what are the seven social processes that grease the slippery slope of evil? Mindlessly taking the first small step. Dehumanization of others. De-individuation of Self. Diffusion of personal responsibility. Blind obedience to authority. Uncritical conformity to group norms. Passive tolerance to evil through inaction or indifference. 

Phillip’s talk ends with a challenge for all of us – Find Our Inner Hero.  Take a listen to his words.

For the fifth and final reading for today, I googled Do Your Job (as a nod to the Patriots who successfully did their job last week by winning the super bowl)  Google returned 981 million hits in 0.45 seconds.  The first one is a blog titled  Stop by, take a look and let us know what you think about Doing Your Job!



One thought on “Five For Today

  1. This reminds me of winters where I grew up in the rocky mountains east of Salt Lake City. Some winters we had snow from September to May, but usually it was October to April. When we were kids and got these types of icicles, we used to splatter them with non-toxic food coloring to brighten things up. I miss the experience, but not the cold! here in sunny Southern Arizona.

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