Protection From Abusive Work Environments

Icicle Curtain

Despite the frigid weather of late, the work of legislating continues in Augusta.    The Committee on Labor (Work Force), Commerce, Research and Economic Development is convening this Wednesday, February 25, 2015. The start time for public hearings is @ 1pm. Of specific note is SP0063/LD188 – An Act to Protect Employees From Abusive Work Environments.


This bill provides legal relief for employees who have been harmed psychologically physically or economically by exposure to abusive work environments. Employees and employers who subject an employee to an abusive work environment are liable, and employers are vicariously liable for the abusive workplace conduct of their employees, in a private civil action brought by the affected employee. The legal remedies made available by this bill do not limit any other legal rights of an individual, except that workers’ compensation benefits received under the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 39-A for the same injury or illness must be reimbursed from compensation that is earned through the legal remedies made available by this bill.

To listen live, click here.

To see what else is on the docket for Work Force related public hearings, click here to review the Public Hearing Schedule.

This Act seems to either sidestep or compliment the good work of the Maine Human Rights Commission.  Either way, the Maine Human Resources community needs to be aware of this and engaged with their thoughts, perspective and experience.


Thank You!

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