Monday Brain Droppings 20150316

Last Chance For the 2015 ACA Open Enrollment. Best guess estimate is that about 40 million Americans chose denial for their healthcare mandate compliance strategy. Then they filed early for their 2014 refunds. And then found those refunds reduced by the unheard of, nobody told me, penalties for not having healthcare. So the benevolent powers that be are now breaking the laws of the land by re-opening & extending the closed 2015 open enrollment period. News flash, it’s still cheaper to pay the penalty than pay the penalty. Chose wisely.

The republicans in the Maine State Legislature are making their annual foray for Right to Work. LD 489 An Act to Ensure the Right to Work Without Payment of Dues or Fees to a Labor Union as a Condition of Employment. This has been referred to the labor aka WorkForce (WF) committee.  So far, the WF committee has scheduled no action. So there is still time to prepare an affirmative response to this needed & necessary legislation.  Most recent federal statistics show that organized labor continues its relentless steady decay. WGHR supports further affirmative action on this legislation.

LD188: An Act to Protect Employees From Abusive Work Environments is still in the labor/WorkForce committee with a divided report pending. WGHR says this one, well well intended, is redundant to other existing worker protections and Ought Not To Pass.

LD 686 An Act to Promote Privacy in Social Media status update:  the Justice Committee has not reported out yet. WGHR endorses passage.

This week in LCED.

Work Session for LD 486 is scheduled for this week. This one addresses the payment of Sick Leave for terminated employees.  WGHR recommends that that this one is legislative creep & ought not to pass

What else is on my mind?

Writing on The Three Vs – Values, Virtues & Vices.

Email accounts, sometimes one more is more than enough.

HR certification cooperation.

& MEHRC15 – the once in a lifetime 20th anniversary.


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