Officially Dual Certified 

Remember when there was a solid supporting partnership between SHRM & HRCI?  Do you miss those days when collaboration trumped competition?  Me too. But the future is built upon the shaky pillars of creative disruption.

After a bout of early-adopter reluctance/resistance, I moved forward & entered the transitional process of becoming dual certified.  At this time, I am a SHRM-SCP candidate.  Certificate and pin are pending.

Personal certification background:

  • PHR: 2002-2008: Took the test on paper and waited on the higher side of several weeks for results.
  • SPHR: 2008 – 2017 (so far): Took the test online at a testing center and received immediate notification as to pass/fail.
  • SHRM-SCP: Took the online tutorial, apparently passed and waiting on certificate/pin.

Sometime this week, I may become a spur sherm scip.  Translation, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. Which expands out to Senior Professional in Human Resources, Society for Human Resoucrces Management – Senior Certified Professional.

The transition process gives credit for current & active HRCI S/PHR certifications. Rightfully & respectfully so.  All one must do is log-in and complete an online introductory tutorial.

Later on, financial impact is a valid consideration.  As the certification is owned by me, my employer is not liable for financial support.  The time may come to select one over the other solely for financial impact/return on investment considerations. As always, choose wisely.

Another consideration is dual tracking of recertification credits.

However, the SCP philosophy, which is based upon 8 broad behavior competencies and 1 technical competency across levels of increasing career performance has merit. There are concerns as to the comprehensive application that require further research and reflection.





Thank You!

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