MEHRC15 It’s Time To Get Started

It is now Saturday morning, soon to be followed by Sunday & then Monday. Monday starts with going to work for payroll set-up, a 401k plan restatement conference call & a safety meeting. Monday ends with an escape to the collective HR sanctuary called simply, The Samoset. Overlaying this time will be the packing, preparations, and other obligations & opportunities. Each moment is meaningful. All time is precious.

I will go there to listen, think, learn & perhaps ask questions. Grip, grin, smile & retreat into Breakwater Walks.

My gig is writing with light. Better known as event photography & videography. It suits me to a point.  Imagery invokes silently shared words. Celebrations, awards, & presentations.  Interviews, clips edited into YouTube postings.

All surrounded by professional learnings, public conversations, & retreating into private reflections.

Twenty years later, the event is a benchmark of sustained excellence.

Bud and his crew make it look easy.

Over 800 registrants as of 4/17… Just a handful of seats remaining!

Your next HR adventure at the Samoset Resort promises to be a celebration of learning and impact. A powerful combination of big ideas, imaginative speakers, and a bring-it back-to-work platform. Combine this with a ton of 20th anniversary fun and you have all the makings for an engaging experience—one that adds value to your HR career, adds value to your company, and helps you discover something new about yourself.

Success strains the Samoset. But it will be worth it.

It’s time to get started.


Thank You!

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