MEHRC15 Day One

We live in a smart device world now. What was once dreamed of in Star Trek is now today’s reality.  Even ten years ago, we were still largely tethered to desktop computers. How quaint is that!?  This blog comes to you from a balcony of the Samoset Resort, site of the 20th Annual Maine Human Resources Convention. The only tethering now are the limits & limitations of 3G, wifi & battery capacity.

One thing Star Trek never revealed was the plethora of charging protocols that would become ubiquitous in this now modern era. In the picture above, to the left are the three Apple devices, iMac, iPad & iPhone. Then the digital camcorder & rechargeable double As for videography & photography light. Let there be light.

Coming here gives HR professionals the opportunity to unplug & recharge in a beautiful setting. Briefly, the Samoset becomes our shared sanctuary. A chance to network while notworking.

In this smart device world, the apps are always being updated. Improvements are downloaded into memory hardware and provide new & improved services.  MEHRC does the same thing for our memory wetware aka our brain & our thinking.  New ideas, new perspectives & new friends.

Remember to put the device down, enjoy this moment and turn to the person. Hi, my name is …. And I am glad that you are here.

Oh, and don’t forget to reboot after installation is complete.


Thank You!

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