After all, I’m back again 


From the scenic shores of Casco Bay @ Winslow Park in Freeport, Maine 

Yesterday & this morning,  all you could see was the tree. Fog blanketed & muffled the bay beyond. 

As always, this time of the year is busy with the Maine HR Conference, open enrollment & the pending 401k audit. Typically, I avoid any time off during this quarter. Which pushes most discretionary travel towards the last third of the year. 

This year was nearly different. Plan A was a week in Eastport. Plan B has become this weekend. And that is a good thing. Winslow Park is a gem of a place to be. 

What else? My legislative watch list is in tatters. Perhaps that may be worth an evening later on next week.  There hasn’t yet been the typical MEHRC after action report. That is worth another yet. 

GetAway, our class A RV is out of storage with its own challenges.  Annual servicing, front AC repair, chassis battery replacement, and the inverter is broke. The vehicle towing feature has now been tested & lesson learned. 

So what I am saying is that Wicked Good HR has not been forgotten, only neglected. Being here right now has given me the space to recapture my breath. 

As always, Stay Tuned. 



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