Social Media Reminder


Often, we read primers about social media.  Well intended folks tell us how to engage with various online communities. Enough has been said, so this post will tell only the Why, not the how?  A caveat though, look up to the real world at regular intervals. Touch trumps typing. Typing can sustain distant contacts, connections & networks.

My social media channels & purposes include;

Facebook for personal friends & photography.  My public photography presence is the Maine Photo Cafe.  If we are or should be friends, send me an invite.

LinkedIN is reserved for purely professional connections.

There is some overlap, as there should be.

Twitter is used to supplement LinkedIN as the channel of choice for announcing new blog content on Wicked Good HR & Maine Forest Cafe.

Instagram is used for photography. Search for…RMSmithJr.

That’s me.


Thank You!

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