The Week Ahead


The week started today with a banker box of homework. Dropbox is our friend. Recent external events have impacted both the workweek and the desire to post. That ended yesterday. Well, the post isn’t up yet, there is still the need to both trim and supplement.

This week is an annual compliance audit. BTDT every year for the past decade or so. The quirks that have been learned is that each audit has a twist that tries to expose a gotch’ya.  There has been several unexpected which should have been seen coming.  Then there is the rotation of the audit team to prevent complacency through familiarity. Seek Social Gravity.  FMI read Three Steps to Generating Social Gravity by Mark Bonchek on Harvard Business Review. The three steps are:

  1. Shared purpose:  complete a comprehensive audit
  2. Engagement platforms: banker boxes, dedicated conference room, and IT
  3. Collaborative partners: HR & the audit team 2×2

Then there is the continued re-development of my other ‘hat’. Its Safety. Should HR really be in charge of managing and administrating an industrial safety program?  The answer is always, it depends on the size/leanness of the the company.  The workload is distributed, but still starts near the top.

Its summer here in Maine. Time for some vacation excursions as well.

I am working on a longer project. Its called K=VxG. Which stands for Karma = Vibe times Groove. I would certainly appreciate some feedback on it.  The tweaking continues. Let me know if you want to sneak a peek. 


Thank You!

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