America Lurched Forward This Week

There has been a seismic shift in America this past week.

America lurched forward. Our colors have changed. Natures colors change too. In this case, the sky reacted to charged energy released from the sun. In our nation’s case, the colors changed from the pent up release of first racism, and then marriage inequality.

Racism, from an our melting pot perspective, is both tragic & difficult. The founding fathers grappled, unsuccessfully using today’s perspective, with this conundrum. Then again, dealing with the legacies of the yesterday’s past, using the evolved standards of this day, make for a difficult tomorrow. But this we can, and will, continue to do.

Personal story, back in the early 70s, I attended high school that was being racially desegrated. This was my freshman year. The school mascot was the Rebel, complete with a white horse, gray uniform, and confederate flag. This was Escambia High School in Myrtle Grove/Pensacola school district, in the panhandle of Florida. Glibly known as baja Alabama. FMI Mascot Riots.

in the fall of 1972, black students rioted at a home football game for their team, whose mascot was a “Rebel,” modeled in appearance after the Colonel Reb of the University of Mississippi. The school band played the official school song, “Dixie,” and it was from there that the violence ensued.[2] Continuing until the end of the 1972–73 academic year, blacks and other students protested the mascot, school song and use of the Confederate Flag, which was flown at school events and games, on the grounds that the imagery the items brought up were insensitive to black people

Disturbances would spasmodically occasionally break out during the academic day and I would walk home as an act of avoidance. The local culture was stuck deep in the misguided legacy of the past. Now, after the church tragedy in Charleston, a battle flag from the Civil War is being censured towards nonexistence. Finally & long overdue. Escambia High School was a skirmish in the path forward towards a more enlightened mentality.

In its place, the Supreme Court has spoken, raised the rainbow flag, and legalized marriage equality. This is a good thing and stands in stark contrast towards the inequality of the past. I know of at least four couples impacted by this too long overdue decision. My only grump would be, what business is it of the state, any state, to sanction the loving commitment of two individuals? I know the answer, but still wonder why. So be it now, it is the final law of the land and deserves to stand without any additional legislative action to countervene.
It was a good week that affirms human dignity.



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