It’s time to get back


Freeport Harbor Reflections

Wicked Good HR has been on an undeclared summer sabbatical per se.  It’s not that the HR has stalled, nor have the content ideas ground to a halt, but other things continue to intervene. 

The picture was taken at South Freeport Harbor last week. Reflections are always a favorite photograph theme. We were there to enjoy a lobster roll at the Haraseeket Lunch & Lobster Company. HL&LC is a popular destination for both us locals and visitors from away. This past Sunday evening, the crowds weren’t there, the light was right, and the lobster rolls went well with a chilled Reisling. 

The reading didn’t stop. My pleasure reading is centered on Harper Lee’s Watchman to be followed by Mocking Bird. Along the way, I continue to read online and some of the articles are worthy of sharing. 

A good place to start is Brett & Kate Mckay’s article, Lessons in Manliness from Atticus Finch.  It must be noted that their article was written in 2011, several years before Watchman’s delayed, albeit eventual release. 

When it comes to manly characters in literature, my thoughts always return to one man: Atticus Finch.

But it is much more than manliness, it’s more about becoming a more humane human. 

Daily, we hear something or another about cyber insecurities. While man evolved from the fear of saber toothed tigers, our modern era insecurity is based upon the cyber toothed tiger. Harvard Business Review’s article, Cybersecirity’s Human Factor: Lessons From the Pentagon draws lessons from Admiral Rickover’s, the Father of the Nuclear Navy, approach to addressing the human factor. 

Rickover focused intensely on the human factor, seeing to it that propulsion-plant operators aboard nuclear-powered vessels were rigorously trained to avoid mistakes and to detect and correct anomalies before they cascaded into serious malfunctions.

The article goes on to clarify by six essential interconnected principles, starting with Integrity and ending with  Formality in Communications.  
The final timeless article comes from TNLT, The Top Ten Ways to Impress Your Boss(es).   There are really 11 ways stated. 

#6 is my favorite as it goes back to one of my 31 HR Rules, Do Your Own Homework. 

6.  Figure it out. Stop pestering the boss for help. It’s your job, so figure out how to get it done. If you need his help, why does he need you?

Then again, never be afraid to ask for help. 


Thank You!

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