Strike One, Strike Two

The Maine Human Resources community got dissed by two prominent statewide media outlets today.

The first came over the radio during drive time. My commute stretches over two news cycle, so heard the error twice. UMS Trustees Get Briefing on Consolidation Efforts.

Already, the system has combined purchasing, IT, human relations and budgeting functions.

It is easy to possible see the HR abbreviation & misinterpret. Human relations is just one of the dozen or so HR Competencies. It could be closely related to SHRM’s Relationnship Management competency.

Relationship Management: HR professionals regularly interact with clients, employees, and stakeholders; therefore, job success for an HR professional includes proficiency in Relationship Management. Relationship Management addresses the HR professional’s ability to manage interactions to provide service and to support the organization. This competency is critical across demographic and organizational groups, with 98% of respondents rating it as important or critical.

At least the flawed human relations interpretation was only a near miss.  Other interpretations include, Human Rights, Home Run, Higher Road, Hit n Run, & Human Remains. (Which is why one airlines has a people department v an HR department.)

The next slight came in the mail via print media, is subtly  sublime and is illustrated in the picture posted above. Do yo see it?  Look again.  Personnel is as archaic as using neighborhood paper boys. (I can say that because I was one back in,,,,well a little more than several decades ago.)  The modern term is Human Resources, not unlike newspapers have become media companies with channels spread across social media, events, email, and websites. ACA employer mandate moves full steam ahead.  The article was modestly researched, but ignored the Human Resources role in front line implementation of the ACA.

Normally I don’t want to use Wicked Good HR as a bully pulpit to rant from. But I will stand up for my profession & my Human Resources colleagues.

At Your Service.


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