Tonight was going to be a night off, but it diverged.  One of the western world’s major religions has become embroiled in premature presidential politics. This time, Sharia Law is under emotional examination against the US Constitution. Whether that is justified or not is up to individual interpretation.

The three religions at odds are Christianity, Jewish, & Islam. The order presented is roughly, in my determination, their demographic presence. But remember, this is the land of religious freedom, religious tolerance, & freedom from religion. Each of three persist in their silos of morality, dogma & ancient religious law.  Some laws that allow violation of others are evil & destructively  decadent. Others are common and represent applied dignity.

We The People embrace, enable & accomodate this spiritual diversity.  And yet, it still divides us. Many of these silos have been torn down while shadows, ghosts & demons remain. Several decades ago, women gained the rights to their body through Roe v Wade. Most recently, the law of the land evolved to embrace marriage equality.  And a battle flag was scorned for what it was, a symbol of racism.

I myself am not a practitioner of any of the religions. Decades ago, when attending a biblical final upper division course at a declared christian university, I was asked to profess my beliefs. This was a mandatory to graduate class.  I calmly described myself as a student of the positive aspects of all religions. The answer was respectfully accepted.

The silos remain intact. Barely crumbling over the too many centuries. Dogma grips some, but never all. I sense the spirit of a quieter majority. Those who accept others without persistently prostelizing their faith onto others. I am neither a heathen or pagan.

Nor are you.


Thank You!

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