Pepe the Whew

For the past serveral weeks, there has/have been a skunk(s) here on the property. They are attracted by the sunflower seeds below the bird feeders. I blame the blue jays for flinging the seed to the ground, for the raccoons, gray & red squirrels. About two weeks ago, the skunk(s) showed up.  Most of the time, they were only seen v smelled.  

There was one odiferous episode about 2 AM. A window was left open to enjoy the cool fresh air. Suddenly, it wasn’t so fresh anymore.  A fan was set into the window to exhaust the odiferous assault. 

Much to my dismay, we stopped feeding the birds. A pair of cardinals were among the  frequent visitors. We left town for several days on a final RV trip. That is when the skunks, somehow, took up reidence in the garage. We came home to scat,  a breeched bag of food, & wall insulation tossed about. The mess was cleaned up, no further disturbances were evident & we thought the intrusion was over.  


This morning at about 5:30 AM, I saw a skunk in the garage, closed the kitchen door behind me, and let the skunk out. Or so I may have thought. The door behind me was locked and I was on the wrong side. After a few minutes of pounding the walls & doors, to no reponse, I went around the front door to continue my own noisy assault of pounding & door bell ringing. Entrance was granted. 

Family strategy was coordinated later on via text messaging. Be vigilant as to garage door security and be ready with a humane trap, transport & release. 

This evening, at about 8 PM, the/another skunk was located hiding behind sheets of plywood. The trap was positioned at the garage door, with plywood positioned to guide the varmint into the trap. The skunk was trapped without incident. The trap was covered with an expendable bed sheet. Now what?

First call, to the neighborhood game warden. Out of town/touch. Another neighbor volunteered his pickup truck for transport. The skunk was driven to a nearby remote location & released without incident. 

Lesson learned, calm patience triumphs over adversity. 



Thank You!

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