Scheduled Updates

This morning was spent updating iDevices, both OSs & apps. Incremental improvements in performance & functionality. What is now ubiquitous was unheard of a decade ago. But the conceptual application has always been present. New ideas, new ways of thinking, better ways of doing. While we can’t plug in to download, (yet?), we can read, write, think & practice.  Books, blogs, magazine & newspaper articles, online learning courses, and meetings & conferences, et al are download channels. Ideas – intellectual sustenance are good for the spirit and soul.

The app tells me that #SHRNE15 is two weeks away. That means it’s time to start getting ready for it. And there is an App for that!

Bud Bernstein & his charming crew of Heather, Chanel, DJ & Becky always do an awesome job planning, prepping & delivering world class HR conferences. What ever your professional role, generalist, manager, director or CHRO, there will always be meaningful content that will make you think, affirm what you are doing, or creating that Aha/Eureka moment.

A recent Harvard Business Review, Management Tip of the Day email provides sound guidance for your quest & search for further knowledge.

The Right Prep Makes Conferences More Productive

Conferences are an overwhelming rush of presentations, conversations, and potential meet-ups, and it can be tough to know where to focus your time. One thing that can help is to pre-introduce yourself. A week or two before the conference, think about who you really want to get to know and then carve out time to achieve that goal. Create a “priority wish list” of people you’d like to connect with. Send them an email introducing yourself (if possible, get an intro from a mutual friend or colleague). If the person is presenting, tell her you’ll be at her session. There’s a lot of fear when presenting that no one will attend your session, so the fact that you’re making the effort will be appreciated. If the person is not presenting, invite him for coffee or see what sessions he’s excited about. Then ask, “Can we sit together?”

The tip is a condensed version of an HBR article titled  How to Get the Most Out of a Conference by Rebecca Knight. Rebecca’s advice includes thes tips:

  • Change your mindset
  • Pre-introduce yourself
  • Be strategic with your time
  • Network on your terms
  • Listen more, talk less
  • Manage your existing connections
  • Make ime for yourself
  • Principles to remember

So this all being said, while we can’t do the ubiquitous scheduled cyber download & updates, we can get & be ready for SHRNE15. It’s time to start & relight your inner fire.


Thank You!

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