Throttled Bandwidth 

Plan B

Got a lot on your mind? The plates are full, spinning, thrashing & crashing. Just as one teeters, another one totters. The ideas swirl, twirl and then go home. Feeling wobbly

Well, you just might have a bandwidth problem.

Back in the earliest days of my HR career, when HR meant Ham Radio, the various modes of transmission were measured in kIlohertz of bandwidth. Amplitude modulation was typically 7 kHz which included a carrier frequency & upper & lower sidebands. Bandwidth is a measure of the space required, in the electromagnetic spectrum, to transmit information.

The term has now evolved to include the illusion of the speed of processing. Only there is not enough bandwidth, especially in the remote hinterlands.

And now there is intellectual bandwidth.  The Oxford English Dictionary provides this definition,

The energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation.

Wifi systems are Multiplexers. Again from the Oxford English Dictionary; “A system or signal involving simultaneous transmission of several messages along a single channel of communication.”

And we all feel entitled to our peaceful piece of the pie with unlimited free bandwidth. Then we head into the hinterlands.   I have driven fifty miles, one way, just to get to the nearest MacDonalds.  But that was on another trip, to another space & for different reasons.

If you have too much to do & not enough time to get’er done, then you have clogged bandwidth. Work, home, play & commute all compete for each day’s 24 hours.    Oh, not to mention essential sleeping, eating & certain hygiene activities.

Time wasters include

  • Seeking perfection while avoiding excellence through continuous improvement.
  • Taking on to much all at once at the same time.
  • Not knowing what the end looks like.
  • Neglecting past successes. Everything deserves & needs a little care & servicing every now, then again.
  • Not knowing when to stop & move on to what’s next.



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