Sweat Equity 

This is what Sweat Equity looks like on my FitBit. The achieved step count for the day was over 20k. But my feet were not on the ground. In fact, they were on the porch roof, taking the shingles off, because last winter, the snow & icicles caused a partial collapse, which was not discovered until just recently.

The porch was first built ten to eleven years ago. A contractor framed it out for me.  The finishing work, roof sheathing & shingling were a good father & son project. Now we are demo’ing for unforeseen consequences.

Several years later, another contractor installed a geothermal system to replace/supplement the legacy oil burner for heat & hot water. And more, central air conditioning was a cool feature. The duct work comes from below on the bottom floor and above from the top floor. During heating season, the ductwork in the attic adds excessive heat to the space. The excessive heat melts the roof snow into icicles. In a heavy snow, the icicles accumulate into glacial proportions. Then spring thaw comes along. And the icicles fall down, onto the porch. The porch sags. And the sweat equity cycle repeats.

Sweat equity is important as it puts skin into the game, a stake in the outcome, ownership. This concept adds the value of one’s time & effort in lieu of fiscal contribution.  Any investment of time is indeed an investment of one’s self. There is nothing of higher value.

The quality of effort counts as well. Do your homework, go at it with deliberate intent while taking the time to not only time, but essential & lasting value.

The real value added was working with my son all day. That’s him behind the broom. While I was working above, he took off six railing panels, two lattice panels – with oval cut-outs, and the ceiling.  He worked had without complaint.


Thank You!

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