Let Go Of My Ego


Remember the let go my leggo commercials?  Leggos were round waffles that were warmed up in a toaster. Every one wanted one, all at the same time. But usually the smug character triumphed, to the chagrine of others, with no regard, no thought of those others.  The fruits of life were not shareable.  Sounds sort of like tasty egocentric treat. Empathy? HA!

Jen Shirkani tells us about a better path. A path around the ego traps that prevent one from connecting to and with others through authentic & affirmative Emotional Intelligence/Quotient.  Jen’s book, EGO vs EQ describes these 8 traps and provides ways to be better than our nature. 

So now there is another book on my winter reading list.  Never fear the next idea, the new perspective. 

Do not fear the self in the mirror. 



Thank You!

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