The New Frugality 

Chris Farrell’s book, The New Frugality, is subtitled How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better.  This is your handbook for financial independence. Chris’s guidance is spot on, easy to follow, positive & affirmative, all without being dire & in your face. You alone have the power of choice. Many Americans are already intuitively following the premise of consuming less.

Many may be, but most aren’t. Instead, the natural human instinct/default reponses of denial & deferral trump the necessary & needed behavior of deliberate discipline. Failure to take action to manage debt robs funds from your future. The cost of denial & deferral is acceptance of social security poverty wages for retirement. Chris Farrell calls this acceptance, UnRetirement.

The tide may be shifting. Recent economic data, consumer spending, may present the evolving reality that consumers are spending less, paying down their consumer debt, and saving money. Conventional, wishful & wistful thinking was that consumers would be using the weekly tank of gas windfall savings on consumer spending. Instead, several months of data is showing early signs of debt repayment & increasing margin of safety savings.

It’s never to late to start living a better today while doing what it takes to have a better tomorrow. The place to start is by buying, reading & then practicing the principles prescribed in The New Frugality.

This book has both affirmed some of the things I know, and have been doing, while giving me necessary direction towards a sustainable future.

Read This Book.



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