Recycling The Season

This is today’s recycling haul from the mailbox, through the garage, to the kitchen counter and then back to the recycling bin.

The titled enticements include:

  • Black Friday Doorbusters – Be one of the first 600 in line
  • Wrap up a tradition
  • Naturally Gifted
  • Gifts and Treasures for the Season
  • Treats to satisfy even the toughest cookie on your list

All of this is good and well. Our economy is based upon wanton consumer spending with a side of insidious consumer debt.  Been There, Done That. It’s a slippery slope than a steep sled run.

The stream of human resources it takes to do this starts with the logger in the woods and ends with the sorter at the recycling stream. In between there are many others. The pulp & paper mills. Printing Plants. Ink suppliers. Designers – both hard copy and web site. The USPS service starts it with UPS & FedEx vying for the spot of delivering the final product. This list of human resources is not complete, only a macro overview.

Here is an interesting take on the upcoming spending season.

From Spending to Celebrating: The 2015 Holiday Season in 25 Stats

Do you remember what the holidays felt like when you were a kid? School projects took a festive turn, cookies and sweets were just a little bit sweeter, subtle hints about the gifts you wanted weren’t quite subtle enough. Everything seemed wondrous for a brief, special time.

This all being said, have a Happy Thanksgiving then an economically sustainable consumer spending season.



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