Don’t Do Bad Days


2. Don’t do bad days.
“I am a huge fan of Mike Bloomberg and recently saw him speak in a conversation with Alan Patricof at an event. At one point, he turned to Patricof and said something to the effect of, ‘Alan, I’m 73 years old, I don’t do doubt and I don’t do bad days.’ That really stuck with me. Running a company is really hard, and every day is different, but having a bad day is a choice.”

Having a bad day, losing your cool is a trust buster that damages relationships, impacts productivity & weakens excellence. A minor emotional storm seethes. You think it is below the surface but everyone knows & feels the disturbance.  Cognitive Dissonance has struck. 

Some examples: The payroll service reporting function crashed.  All observed indicators point towards a server disconnection. Then the mail came,  a big fat thick overstuffed Certified  Registered wad of papers.  Thump.  Sigh. Take a Walk. 

I have done preliminary work on a Karma = Vibe X Groove model.  By self monitoring your Vibe & Groove, one can guide the self & selfless back towards Cognitive Resonance. 
Until then, don’t have a bad day, evah.



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