Stay Informed about what’s trending 

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“I spend an hour or two a day keeping up with tech news on Twitter. It’s not good to obsess over what other people are doing, but staying informed is certainly important.”  Michael Bruch, founder and CEO of Willow.  

There are several ways to observe what news is trending. 

FaceBook (even though this is where we go to obsess over what other people are doing) has a What’s Trending on the right side menu bar. Just now, what is trending includes:

  • Giant Salamander discovered in China
  • Texas: man sues ford dealer for what may be a terrorist organization symbol 
  • Basic Aloowance for Housing. DoD increasing rates by 3.4% (of tax free money)
  • Mike Rowe:  Somebody’s Got To Do It.  The Dirty Jobs guy always post a good read

FB has more of a socially driven content which may or may not be meaningful. 

Twitter on the other hand, can be searched for open source hashtags – I.e. #HR or #Human Resource. Twitter searches are the easy way.  Another way is to use a website like  The homepage shows what’s trending up, down & popular. Hashtag searches can also be performed. Results include the definition, estimated tweets per hour for the previous 24 hours, prolific users, recent posts & relatated hashtags. 

Beyond trending hashtags, there are numerous news aggregators available on smart devices. My to favorites are FlipBoard & now Apple News. Type in a topic of interest to find articles you may not have discovered otherwise. 

So, what’s trending in your mind?


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