Weekly Digest 20151221


This past week on Wicked Good HR. 

Redirection ~ a brief reminder about a path to great work.  

Try Something New ~  otherwise, everyday is another Ground Hog Day. Is that how you really want to get by?

Don’t Do Bad Days ~ with a brief introduction of the WGHR Karma = Vibe X Groove model (it’s still in beta testing).

Stay Informed About What’s Trending ~ you just get in early on the next great idea. 

Successful Habit #4: Invitation–  expand your access to fresh & refreshed ideas, thinking & perspective.

Experiment Constantly ~ each idea is a thought experiment that starts with an “I wonder….” moment. 
There is a theme here, all of these ideas are from a thirty habits to success article. Hopefully you will find a nugget to nudge yourself further along your own path forward. 

So what’s next? Stay tuned for a brief look ahead at 2016. 



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