VI Fight brain block with building blocks 

The Inc 30 CEOs continues:

“There are footballs, golf balls, softballs, chessboards, Legos–everything a curious kid could dream of–covering our office space. Whenever I’m stuck on an idea, I play a quick game of catch or build a Lego house to give my brain a breather. Then it’s back to the drawing board. I encourage my team to do the same thing, too. Just like any muscle, your brain needs a recovery session after a tough workout.”

–Dan Hogan founder and CEO of Medalogix, a health care technology company that provides analytics, workflows, and business intelligence solutions to home health and hospice providers.

Which way does it go? Are you never too young or never too old to play with or have toys?  Only be as old has you have to be, if not a tad bit younger. Tough problems get easier when they are set aside for awhile. Even executives need the toys and curiosity of youth.

These types of activities are breaks from being an adult. The critical, analytical, literal & linear path from problem through options & into a solution.  Take time daily to be forever younger.  That might even straighten out the linear path towards a better resolution.

So let’s go out for some Legos!



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