2016 Legislative Update #4


There is a working session scheduled for Thursday, January 21, 2016 @ 1PM for the following bills. 

LD 1137 An Act To Promote Reemployment of Unemployed Workers

LD 1240 An Act To Phase Out the Payment of Subminimum Wages to Workers with Disabilities.

LD 1384 An Act To Improve Workplace Safety by Simplifying and Improving Employers’ Substance Abuse Policy Requirements.

LE 1389 An Act To Conform Maine Law to Federal Law Regarding Closings and Mass Layoffs and To Strengthen Employee Severance Pay Protections

To listen live, click Start here

Upcoming public hearings, Click Here

LD1384 significantly modernizes Maine drug testing protocols. It is worth learning more about and the support of the Maine HR community. Check it out & see if you agree.  



Thank You!

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