Celebrating February 29th

The unique days of the calendar all deserve some level of recognition for celebration. Anecdotally, the 29th day of February is recognized as the pseudo Sadie Hawkins holiday, a day of gender role reversal.  Wicked Good HR is not a comic strip, but does have a remarkable quirky sense of common sense humor.  

By way of this posting, tomorrow, February 29, 2016 is declared to be No Complaint Day.  Think about it.  Our days are fraught with petty annoyances that escalate unnecessarily into complaints. Complaints that are beyond the need for decisive action. Take this one day to live without complaint. 

For a better, more comprehensive clarification, read Never Complain: Never Expain

In the mean time, take this day, this one day, to live without complaint. Your day will be better tha expected. 


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