Always on my Mind

A recent theme, Mindfulness, has emerged through my reading. As such, knowing that universe is trying to get through to me, it is time to further explore this concept.

Above is my first ever Word Cloud. The website was used to generate this cloud. As time goes on I’ll be trying different websites and apps to determine a Word Cloud generator that meets my creative intentions. What I wanted was for Mindfulness to assume the center of attention with other relevant words swirling around the main concept.

Why are these word lists generated? When ever a topic interests me, I go on a definition journey using Oxford Dictionaries Online. This technique is also used during the opening of teaching facilitations, “What word comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Mindfulness’? Mindfulness might be a sturdy antidote to Chronic Mind Full Fatigue.

Level 0 is the source word. Level 1 comes from the Level 0 definition. Level 2 words come from Level 1 definitions. For this exploration, I stopped at Level 2. Other times, I have gone deeper until the meanings bend back towards the original word. Sort of like Einstein’s Space Time continuum. For the word cloud generation, the more often a word is presented, the larger the font.  For this experiment, Level 0 was repeated three times. Level 1 twice. And Level 2 once.

So off we go, down this path less taken.  The way most often taken goes to Mind Full. Let’s go on the path less taken towards mindfulness and see where that takes us.

“I want to be conscious. I want to notice that I’m alive while I’m living. I want to suck up every drop. It’s mindfulness I treasure most. I realized early on that I have a slow brain. I can’t do multitasking. The world moves too quickly for me. When I get caught up in it, I lose all all awareness of my own existence. Consequently, I’ve tried to slow down, to leave apart, to protect that vulnerable part of me where my real life occurs.”

Susan Baumgartner quoted in Celebrating Time Alone by Lionel Fisher.


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