LD 1384 Update & Call To Action

After a lot of sound developmental work, LD 1384, AAT Improve Workplace Safety by Simplifying and Improving Employers’ Substance Abuse Policy Requirements is ready for what may be the final LCRED Committee hearing on this vital and necessary legislation.

The work session announced yesterday has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 10th @ 1 PM. The work session will include a brief public comment session.

To make an informed advocacy position statement, please review the following documents.

The 2015 Annual Report on Substance Abuse Testing by Maine Employers.  Of particular note is the increase in Cannabinoids positive test results,  accounting for 84.1 percent of all positive test results. Can the workforce of the future be created on this negative trend?

 “Using substances that cause impairment while at work endangers not only the worker taking the drug, but also coworkers and clients,” stated Governor Paul R. LePage. “Maine must provide employers the appropriate tools to retain valuable workers while maintaining a safe environment.”

A link to the March 7 version of the draft amendment to LD 1384 is available at Click Here.

LD 1384 is based upon the recommendations of the 2016 Report on Substance Abuse, Marijuana, Medical Marijuana and the Maine Employer Substance Abuse Testing Law (available online at Click Here.)

“This all-time high of positive workplace drug tests indicates that we are right to be concerned about the effect of drugs on worker safety. The amendments that the department has offered will help both employees and employers who worry about impairment on the job,” stated Commissioner of Labor Jeanne Paquette.

Most of the content above is from a Maine DOL press’s release.

This is an important issue for the Maine Human Resources community. As advocates for our employers, we need to remain mindful of our responsibility to provide a safe workplace.  Do the right thing by studying this initiative and advocating for an Ought to Pass to the LCRED community and your legislative Representative and Senator.


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