Gray Minds Matter

Black & white photography used the shades of grey principle long before ‘the fifty trilogy’ was written, published, released & consumed.  18% grey represents the ideal exposure. Even in today’s cleverly advancing world of digital photography, an 18% grey card is used as the baseline. 

Grey (or gray) is the color of thinking along with a plethora of intellectual, spiritual and mindful (or mindless) activities that get us though each day. From remembering yesterday, getting through this day, and thinking about tomorrow. The path is always forward.  Being, becoming and remaining mindful is essential.

The purpose of this blog post is to share & perhaps comment some of the recent mindful resources.  

This current quest started with Everything Leaders Need to Know About Mindfulness by Sharlyn Labby. This posting provides a great starting point for thinking, then making mindfulness an ongoing part of your every day. 

Consider subscribing to Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day.  The next several resources came in via that daily channel. 

 How to Free Your Innate Creativity by Annie McKee, December 11, 2015.  Good food + exercise + sleep = healthier brain. 

Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain by Congleton, Holzel & Lazar, January 18, 2015

Brain functions related to improved mindfulness:

  • Perception
  • Body awareness
  • Pain tolerance
  • Emotion regulation 
  • Introspection
  • Complex thinking
  • Sense of self

UMass Medical School: Center for Mindfulness ~ video library Watch these while you are at the treadmill or elliptical getting some of the McKee’s +exercise.

Then the invitation for the March local chapter meeting arrived:  Building Collaborative Relationships Through Mindfulness at the next monthly meeting of the Human Resources Association of Southern Maine

Okay Universe, I get the hint.  It’s time to Mind the Business of the Mind.  After all, Gray Minds Matter. 



Thank You!

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