Six Transformational Letters

To listen is to become silent.

Each word has the same letters –  EILNST. Starting with one or the other, move three letters, ST&I, and one becomes the other.

Silent > Lsient > Lsiten > Listen

Listen > Sliten > Slient > Silent

Too often, the noise from within our head drowns out the words that our heart should be listening to.  Even now, what was really on your mind?  Did you hear/read these words, or something else. We all take trips through and over our thoughts while we are missing the the thoughts from the one who needs us to Listen. But the inner noise is not silent.

Here are three behaviors to practice into habits.

1. Listen without anticipation. How often have you heard or say this, I knew you were going to say that! But that wasn’t what was said at all. And now you each are off on tangents towards distrust, through realization, and into message acceptance.  Seems like a messy way to get along.

2. Think before you type. How often does the poisonous pen strike your mood to react.  Flames sprout and spew righteousness.  Why?  Listening to understand did not occur.  The following stages occur. First indignant denial. Then, maybe, a reconsideration-the second thought.  Finally, the ephinany of understanding. Here is a hint, read everything three times to get through the denial & reconsideration along the way to understanding.

3. Pause before you speak or send.  Take the time to get through 1 then 2. The best understanding occurs at natural unforced pace. Most times, taking the time to think is a worthy investment.  One escape clause is always, you’ve given me a lot to think about, can I get back to you?   Avoid the tendency to get into a tit-for-tat rapid fire exchange where it’s all talking and no listening.

Hello silence your new friend.



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