West with the Wind

 By Beryl Markham is a great read.
I’ve been laying lower lately on social media in order to use the time better to read through various canons and accumulated, albeit neglected, books. The time is well spent and this story is well told.  
Beryl’s life started on a ranch in Africa and traversed through being a race horse trainer and bush pilot. Her pivotal life moment was being the first woman to fly West with the Night from Europe to North America. The rest of her story must be read to be told. 

This particular canon of interest is from an Outside Magazine article titled The 25 Essential Books for the Well-Read Explorer. Several of the books have been read over the years and deserve to be revisited.  

What I am not fully comfortable yet is the eBook. From a pricing standpoint, AbeBooks had a better used price v the iBook store price.  Buying a used book is both economical and environmentally friendly ~ the natural resource has already been consumed into consumerism.  Then once read, it can be FreeCycled, released to world. There used to be, maybe still is, a website that tracks books free released into the literary wild.


Thank You!

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