From Here to There & Together Again

This post is partially inspired by the 100 HR Blog posts.  I’m going to take myself on a 100 days, 100 blogs and 100 posts quest/challenge/odyssey. With luck, this may be done in 100 days, but there may be essential interruptions.

The 1’s are being done first – 1, 11,21, you get the idea, 91.  So starting with the HR Bartender – Sharlyn Lauby. We had coffee together, four years ago, at SHRM-Atlanta.  She is worth following, reading & responding to.  Her current post, Relocation and Trailing Spouses brings back memories of epic Air Force career transfers.  If you really want to see how it’s done, the military model has years of legacy of effective experience.  The following will be a telling of a story that started in May 1987 and ends twelve months later.

The military excels at moving individuals & families from one place to the next. This odyssey started in Wyoming, traversed through Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, Maine, Holland and finally ended in Germany.

We were a military married to military couple.  Each joint assignment was precious.  We started our lives together in Arizona and were promptly transferred to Wyoming. As we had just had a stateside to stateside transfer, this elevated us high on the list for an overseas assignment.  Simply put, after several years we were selected to transfer from Wyoming to Holland.  But the path was not that straight forward.

My path from Wyoming included two months for training in Mississippi, through two months of training in Arizona for eventual arrival in Holland. I left Wyoming in May and arrived in Holland in October.  Along the way to Mississippi, I dropped off one vehicle in New Orleans for shipment to Holland.  For the next two months, I was on foot.

My wife’s path was different. She did not leave Wyoming until mid June. Her path took her first to Texas to drop off our daughter with her mother.  Then on to Mississippi to drop off a vehicle to me.  Then on to Maine to drop off our son with my sister for the summer. By early July, she was in Holland, picking up the vehicle that had been shipped from New Orleans to Rotterdam, and was now in charge of finding us a place to live. In the mean time, I was off to Arizona for more field training.

By mid July, I was in Arizona, our daughter was in Texas, our son was in Maine, and my wife was in Holland.

In September, I left Arizona for Texas to visit our daughter. Then on to Maine to collect our son, drop the other vehicle off for shipment to Rotterdam and eventually on to Holland where the three of the four of us were together again.

The next month saw Reagan and Gorbachev signing a treaty that eliminated the need for the assignment to Holland. The Air Force then transferred us to Germany. Our daughter was able to join us the following May and finally, after twelve months, we were all back together.

My point being, the US military is the benchmark of how to transfer personnel from stateside to overseas job assignments. We were well cared for every step and stop along the way. From Wyoming, to Mississippi, Texas, Maine, Arizona, Maine, Holland and Germany.


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