Stone walls are ubiquitous here in upper New England. Many are straight lined jumbles of stones cleared from farmer fields.  This one is more intentional.  The pieces have been deliberately selected, perhaps crafted, and then set to allow gravity and selection to link them together into a deliberate work of enduring strength.

This is post #2 of 100, featuring blog #11 0f 100 best HR Blogs.  Today’s blog is HR|Tech Blog as it discusse Microsoft recent consumption of LinkedIN by asking & answering the question, will this create a new HR tech power house? The model is tried and trued in the tech sector.  Small companies grow into bigger companies, or get consumed by the bigger companies.

My initial reaction to the purchase is that Microsoft has just bought access to another treasure trove of Big Data. Also, Microsoft presence in the social media space pales in comparison to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, et al.  To survive & thrive the bigger cherry picks the lesser with potential for increased presence in cyberspaces.

The article illustrates this by listing tech companies that have been bought & brought into the fold by both Microsoft and LinkedIN.   The selections, like rocks in the stonewall fence, have been deliberately crafted to link products & services into works of enduring strength. The article makes this argument by presenting these purchases with illustrations as to how they can be syngergized together within various HR applications.

As with everything else, only time will tell. The merger/acquisition could mature over time, linking together the many pieces into a sturdy wall. Or the wall may be taken down and repurposed into a walkway or something else.


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