Where Was I Now

We who travel more often than not, often wake up and wonder where am I now?  I’m not a steady traveler, but do get beyond town several times a year.  Every now, then and again, one may wake up and wonder where.  This happens.

Blogger #21 of 100, Gemma Reucroft,  expresses this sentiment succinctly on her blog – People Stuff by Gemma Reucroft. The blog is titled 4am and may remind you of similar experiences.

It’s 4am.

An unfamiliar city. A lonely, identikit hotel room.

And we’ve been there, before waking up, a sense of of time, space & place drifts into the soul. And then, as conscious resurrects into the presence, our anchors remain present.  I’ve even come home after a trip, only to feel the wonder of the wander – where am I now.

Take a look at Gemma’s blog. She speaks to a stories you remember and have told before.

Enjoy the San Antonio sunrise.




2 thoughts on “Where Was I Now

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