The HR Cloud

Send in the clouds.

#41 of 100 is Again, another business that has a successful social media strategy across the standard platforms.   Great strategy on scoring the domain!

The data cloud is ubiquitous now.  Everything done on line adds or removes content from the cloud. Data evaporates upward and rains downward.  Usually a sprinkle, keystroke by keystroke, or a deluge when online inquires are prompted to process. Send in the clouds. 

HR Cloud is the modern HR software and engagement platform your employees will love.

Last business blog, time was spent on looking at the business model.  But the true intent of 100 of 100 (if that is what I’m calling this) is to look at blogs, not products, goods & services.  Unless of course one of them wants to sponsor an ad on Wicked Good HR!  That would become another conversation.

So, HRClouds blogs on topics that are aligned with their business model. After all, why do something that would not advance the generation of a sustainable revenue stream.

Same tired old Gallup quote, from what year?  I wonder how this translates to life itself.  It is not a far leap to see the data expand and translate into similar results. 32% of people lead truly active lives.  51% go through some of the motions. While 17% are couch slouches. It’s not just at work.

Frequency of blogging, about twice a month.  The content and the context blend will with the HR Cloud’s core offerings of good, products & services.

Next up on WGHR, a weekly digest as to what has been said.



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