Weekly Digest 20160704

Moon rising over the Bigelow Range & Flagstaff Lake

The Sky is no Longer the Limit:  The beginning of the 100 of 100 self challenge. This blog is a posting of the top 100 HR blogs as determined by Blog.Feedspot.Com. They used a blend of metrics and curration to develop this list.  In return, I will be doing my own daily’sh review of the list.

From Here to There & Together Again features Sharlyn’s Lauby HR Bartender blog.  No surprises there, Sharlyn shares great messages.
#11 of 100 is FencedIN and features HR|Tech Blog‘s article on Micsrosoft’s acquisition of LinkedIN.  Nothing really new to see here, tech companies are always acquiring one another.  The article mentions all of the apps and underlings that have been brought into both the LinkedIN, Microsoft, and now by extension, the Microsoft family.  The impact on the global HR Culture has yet to be experienced.  One might expect further enhancement and/or intrusion as Microsoft’s library of big data expands.
#20 of 100:  Where was I Now featuring People Stuff by Gemma Reucroft.  Tagline: “Musings on work, HR and the like by Gemma Reucroft”

Gemma leaves a lot of white space in her posts so you can read yourself into between the lines.  I like her style.

We can find ourselves in her most recent posting, IDGAF List.  What’s on your list?
#31 of 100: Namely Blog. This the first of two business blogs in a roll at the x1st position. Not sure yet about how I feel about for-profit business blogs. Business seek to generate a revenue by selling For Sale ideas. The jury on this concept is still out to lunch for me. Their tag line is “Let’s build the future of HR.’  I do like their hackathon though, innovation with enthusiasm.
#41 0f 100 is The HR Cloud.  Send in the clouds.  The second business in a row using the first scheme.   Tag line: “HR Cloud is the modern HR software and engagement platform your employees will love.”  Another service website for employ engagement across social media platforms. Sturdy & sound concepts.
Several down, many to go, looks like my summer blogging project?

As always, stay tuned as I learn from a top 100.



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