Watch What You Find

Lessons at the bird feeder

The parent woodpecker is teaching the woodpecker chick where the food is.  Soon, the chick will learn to eat on its own. Then there will be no excuses for being hungry.  It’s the upward circle of life, learning to fly, learning to eat & learning to survive.

Coming in @ #51 of 100 is NoExcusesHR, tag line, Holding Ourselves Accountable. Think about, we know more about ourselves and what needs to be done, than anyone else.  Or we should know that.  

One of my co-workers likes to say, Find a Reason or Find an Excuse.  We can go either way, towards or away from self-accountability.  To that end, as a reminder, I keep a copy of the Important/Urgent matrix on my desk.

Here is one article that aptly illustrates the concept:  The Eisenhower Decision Matrix: How to Distinguish Between Urgent and Important Tasks and Make Real Progress in Your Life. Googling and/or Bing’ing the term provides others similar perspectives. Look through several to find the best one for yourself.  Or use the ideas to make one of your own, perhaps tailored to your unique professional role.

What I like about NoExcuseHR is that there is a person at the keyboard v a revenue generating business.  This provides a more singular voice v the cacophony motivation of revenue generation. Jay Kuhns, SPHR is the person within NoExcuseHR.

Here are several of Jay’s most recent postings:

Finding Freedom.  What’s holding you back from doing what you really want? Who or what is standing in your way?

–  stop making excuses and live your own life for a change

Snark is Not a Leadership Skill:  My reading between the lines found this in Jay’s message, ‘instead, it is a sign of the sinking leaderlesship.’

That all being said, Jay is for real. He is in it for the idea, not the revenue.  He is worth reading and will be on Wicked Good HR’s recommended HR Blogger Roster.



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