Many models of human behavior use the quadrants to visually display and explain concepts.  This free ranging blog post will take a walk through the quadrants, add examples and may or may not come to a conclusion.  AKA Free Writing Thought Experiment – you have been warned, are you intrigued?

These quadrants use the standard two-axis plotting arrange. The horizontal axis is called the x-axis.  The vertical axis is called the y-axis.  For the sake of this thought experiment, the x-axis represents time with y-axis representing quality.  Time has three dimensions, past, present & future.  Quality also has three dimensions, negative, neutral and positive. 

Quadrant I is the upper right hand quadrant with X & Y both positive. Quadrant II is the upper left quadrant – X is negative with Y positive. Quadrant III is the lower left, both X & Y are now negative. Quadrant IV is the lower right, X is positive, Y is negative.  

In a mindful world, we start at the 0,0 coordinates. The transition from future to past is always instantaneously right now.  The 0,0 coordinates can also set a reference point. Say when one wakes up in the morning. 

Q1 is where we want to be.  The future is always now and the quality is positive.  We are in a good place.  The soon to be rewritten and finally published K = V x G model exists primarily in Q1.

Q2 is where circumstances may take us.  The future goes on but things may or may not be going as well as we hoped.  Last month’s RV repair episodes were Q2 life lived. 


Thank You!

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