Time Bandits

Geese live by nature’s rhythms.  The days get shorter, the night gets longer and summer’s warmth is subsiding.  The signals to flock up and fly south strengthen until action occurs.  Time moved.

Time bandits are living thefts. In some horrific circumstance the death is a capital C Crime.  One’s life is stolen fully away with a finality from which there is no recovery.

More insidious is the small c capital theft.  Those times when there isn’t enough time to get it right the first time, but always time to get it right eventually.  Sometimes the theft is from haste. Other times, it may be from ignorance. Or it could come from wistful best unrealistic intentions that it won’t matter much anyways or no one will notice or look. 

That is a miserable risk to take or impose on anyone else.  This past spring, a new and substantial compliance filing was due.  Coalition of the data into information on forms was outsourced to a third party business solution.  One set of forms was generated, determined to be in good order, distributed to filers for their records and submitted to the compliance monitoring agency. 

Six months later, the filing agency rejected the submission, having determined that it was not in the proper good order.  Instead, it wa ninety degrees out of phase. (In the world of electronics, being out of phase generates either distortion or system failure.). Only by this time of year, the 2015 processes had been set aside, taken off line per se, as it was time prepare for the 2016 filings.  Queries were run with unreliable and inconsistent results.  A reasonable deadline was approaching while encroaching on other essential opportunities.  The forms would have to be regenerated manually.  

After nearly a week of mind numbing manual forms generation, an unexpected miracle came out of a cyber playground.  A new set of forms was generated, determined to be in the proper form and in good order.  Relieved aggravation. 

The forms were filed this morning.  

But a small c capital crime occurred. A week of lost progress on essential opportunities. 

Lessons Learned.

1. Be super critical when doing something critical for the first time.  Assurances were given that all was right. But those assurances were sequestered behind a Indemnification and Hold Harmless agreement. Therefore, right or wrong, there would be no consequences. 

2. Do your own research. Sure, there are lots of vendors offering lots of webinars with alleged value added services offered.

3.  Add your own suggestion as to how you prevent TimeBandit theivery. 
The geese are gone. The forms are also on their way south. New opportunities are back on the front burner. 



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